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Umbrella Insurance

Many people believe that personal umbrella coverage is expensive and designed only for the wealthy. The truth is that any of us can be involved in a catastrophic auto accident and find ourselves on the wrong side of a lawsuit.

Personal umbrella insurance policies can be surprisingly affordable. Premiums can start at less than $15 per month. You may want to consider an umbrella policy if any of the following situations apply to your family:

  • High net worth families and individuals
  • Homes with pools and trampolines
  • Own a boat
  • Owners of rental property
  • Professional households
  • Not-for-profit volunteers
  • Sales professionals
  • Families with young drivers

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Car Insurance: More than the Lowest Rate

The right coverage for you shouldn’t be driven by price alone. Be sure to talk to a CAI Risk Advisor who can build a plan that gives you the protection you need.

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Get the Right Coverage

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Industry News

Taking control over the unknown requires more than an insurance policy. We’ve put our experience to work for you, sharing insights about emerging risks and the latest regulations that could impact you or your business -- helping you to protect your greatest assets.

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