Employee Benefits

Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance is one of the most important (and certainly the most expensive) benefits that you offer to your employees. Our mission is to help you provide the program that attracts and retains the highest quality employees without breaking the bank – regardless of the size of your business.

We promise the same level of attention, service and advice to all of our clients without regard to size. Every one of our clients benefits from the outstanding customer service efforts of our staff, our preferred relationships with insurance carriers, and our innovative cost containment methods.

Quality benefit programs DO NOT start with spreadsheets listing prices and programs. They start with your goals and end with solutions to achieve those goals and contain costs.

We help you keep and attract the employees you need for your business to succeed, and also give you the advice to do it cost effectively.

Our Group Health services include:

  • Market health plans
  • Employer contribution strategy
  • Contract negotiations
  • Plan design analysis
  • Self-funded alternatives
  • Carrier underwriting days
  • Contract interpretation
  • Online applications
  • Onsite enrollment communication and employee education
  • Compliance assistance
  • Year-to-date progress reports
  • Claims evaluation
  • Renewal strategies
  • Benchmarking

Contact us today to learn more about our group health services, and how we can help your company save money.

Reduce turnover spending

The average cost of losing an employee is $8,500. Lower that cost by putting a better plan in place. Find out how CAI can help you hire, train and retain employees.

Understand controlled groups

If you are part of a controlled group, all employees need to be considered for specific plans and programs. Learn more about controlled groups by contacting CAI today.

Alternative funding strategies

There are many ways to fund your health insurance. Gain a clear understanding of these strategies and stem the tide of insurance costs.

Data transparency

In Benefits, information is king. How your company is presented to an insurance carrier dramatically impacts your cost. Talk to a risk navigator to learn how you can save.

Industry News

Taking control over the unknown requires more than an insurance policy. At CAI, we put our experience to work for you, sharing industry insights that could impact you or your business, and helping you to protect your greatest assets.