Employee Benefits

Voluntary Insurance Benefits

Voluntary employee benefit programs, such as dental, life and disability insurance, offer employers the opportunity to expand their benefit package. Voluntary benefits can help smaller employers compete for talent against national firms without costing a fortune. Most programs come at no charge to the employer.

Voluntary benefits also offer huge advantages to employees. In many cases, employees who can’t qualify for life or disability Insurance on their own due to health concerns will qualify for coverage under a group program.

Group underwriting is typically simplified or limited, which means more people qualify for coverage. This can be a huge relief for people who have had a health issue or two. Prices are usually discounted, as well, meaning your employees can get more bang for their buck – all resulting from their relationship with their employer.

Our voluntary insurance benefits include:

  • Dental and vision insurance
  • Group life insurance
  • Group short and long term disability
  • Group long term care

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Reduce turnover spending

The average cost of losing an employee is $8,500. Lower that cost by putting a better plan in place. Find out how CAI can help you hire, train and retain employees.

Understand controlled groups

If you are part of a controlled group, all employees need to be considered for specific plans and programs. Learn more about controlled groups by contacting CAI today.

Alternative funding strategies

There are many ways to fund your health insurance. Gain a clear understanding of these strategies and stem the tide of insurance costs.

Data transparency

In Benefits, information is king. How your company is presented to an insurance carrier dramatically impacts your cost. Talk to a risk navigator to learn how you can save.

Industry News

Taking control over the unknown requires more than an insurance policy. At CAI, we put our experience to work for you, sharing industry insights that could impact you or your business, and helping you to protect your greatest assets.