February 18, 2018
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Auto Insurance - IMA101.jpgInsurance companies are flooding the airwaves with opportunities for you to save money on your auto insurance.  If you listen to some ads, you'll be left thinking that you've just been introduced to the only company that offers a discount to good students, or for insuring more than one car on the same policy, or for being a good driver. In reality, most insurance companies offer similar types of discounts and do so at competitive prices.  Otherwise, they'd never be able to compete!

SO . . . should your auto insurance buying decision revolve exclusively around bottom line price? ABSOLUTELY NOT! There ARE differences from one auto policy to the next. Each insurance company has their own target clients. We help you find the insurance company that considers you a target customer and give you the advice you need to build your insurance program.
CAI is an independent agency - we work with 10 personal auto insurance companies. We shop your insurance with all of our markets so you don't have to spend hours on-line or repeating the same information to multiple companies. Once we match you up with a market, we work with you to match your program to your financial situation and insurance budget.

  • We make sure that you understand why uninsured / underinsured can be the most important insurance coverage you buy as an individual or family - and at a remarkably low cost.
  • We make sure you know how your coverage will work in conjunction with your company car and the commercial insurance coverage that comes with it.
  • We make sure you understand your limit and deductible options.
  • We make sure you understand how your policy will apply to cars you rent.
  • We keep you on budget and make sure you receive every discount you qualify for.

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