February 18, 2018
CAI Insurance Agency

Employer Sponsored & Voluntary Life Insurance Programs

Group Insurance - IMA607.jpgMost Employer Sponsored Group Health Insurance programs include a minimal amount of Life Insurance for your employees. Providing the option for your staff to supplement that coverage can create an attractive (and inexpensive) enhancement to your benefits package.

Group Life Programs typically offer pre-set limits of insurance with limited underwriting requirements. Depending on the size of the group and the level of participation by your employees, qualification for certain limits of insurance may be automatic. Higher limits of insurance are often available subject to very limited underwriting requirements. Employees that may have had a few health issues can find a Group Life offering to be the best way to obtain the coverage they need to protect their family. Better still - some Group Life Programs allow the Term Life Coverage provided to be converted to a permanent policy if necessary.

Voluntary Programs are offered at no cost to the employer. Employer sponsored programs will require some participation on the part of the business, but typically come with lower premium rates and may have more limited underwriting requirements.

Some of the things we consider when recommending a Group Life Program are:

  • Group Size - Larger employers benefit from the programs offered by certain insurance companies
  • Employer Contribution vs. Voluntary Participation - May determine which insurance companies offer limited underwriting requirements
  • Underwriting preferences - Employers may need to sponsor the plan in order to qualify for less intrusive underwriting requirements
  • Level of Benefit preferred - Some insurers will cap the amount of insurance available to comparatively low limits